-Purchase Guide

Buying at blackOliv.es is very simple. Just follow these steps:

1. Go to Products and choose a category (e.g. Iberian), once inside, click on the product you are interested in (e.g. Cecina de Vaca). In the product sheets you will find detailed information about the products, preparation methods and suggestions, nutritional information and information about the ingredients.

2. Add to your basket the product you wish to buy by clicking on "Add". If you want more units of the same product, indicate the quantity in the tab located just below the "Add" button.
Both from the products and from the shopping basket you can easily add the items to your shopping list, so that in future purchases it will be easier for you to finish the order.

3. Once added to your basket, a screen will appear where you will have to choose whether you want to continue shopping (click on "continue shopping") or finish your purchase (click on "finish shopping").

4. If you choose "finish purchase" a screen will appear with your detailed order.

5. Review your order information and if you wish to continue shopping click on "continue shopping"; if you have already finished your order, click on "finish shopping".

7. In the next step, check your personal data and your shipping and billing address. You can add as many addresses as you need to receive your orders; you can also add an observation for the carrier with the indications you consider. Then, in the next screen, check your order, and finally choose your payment method, accept our conditions and confirm the order.

8. Once the payment has been made, you will receive an email confirming your order, which will be sent as soon as possible from our warehouses. Remember that if you have requested a product that needs cold storage, we will send it in a special transport. Make sure that the delivery address has cold storage to keep it in optimal conditions.

9. If you have any questions or want to tell us something about your order, you can do so through our form www.blackoliv.es/contacto.


What payment method can I use to make my online purchase?

The available means of payment are:

- Credit or debit card: Visa, American Express and Mastercard

- PayPal.

Is it safe to use my credit card on the web?

Yes. We use secure payment systems. Confidential credit or debit card payment data is transmitted directly and in encrypted form (SSL) to the financial institution. When you make the payment through a secure payment gateway, the system will automatically verify that the credit card is activated for Secure Electronic Commerce. Then it will connect with the issuing bank, which will request the authentication and authorization of the operation.

Why might my credit card be declined?

If your card is declined it may be for one of the following reasons:

- The card may be expired. Check that your card does not exceed the validity date.
- The card's limit for making purchases may have been reached. Check with your bank.
- It is possible that some of the information entered is incorrect. Check that you have filled in all the necessary fields with the correct information.
- When you make the payment through the secure payment gateway, the system will automatically verify that the card is activated for Secure Electronic Commerce. It will then connect to the financial entity that issued it, which will ask the buyer to authorize the operation by means of a personal authentication code. The operation will only take place if the bank that issued the credit card confirms the authentication code and at that time the card will be charged. Otherwise, the transaction will be rejected.

Can I get an invoice in my company's name?

Yes, when filling in the data, enter the company details, in the same way if you are a private individual or self-employed. When you complete your order, blackOliv.es will send you an invoice.


Where can I receive my orders?

Your orders will be shipped to the delivery address you entered when you created your account, so please take care to fill in this information. We ship to all destinations in mainland Spain. We do not ship to PO Boxes.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

The transport will be carried out through the company DHL, which will carry out the door-to-door service within 24/48 hours from our shipping confirmation in the case of Spain Peninsualar, 48 hours Balearic Islands , Cetura and Melilla, 72 hours Canary Islands and 2-4 days to the EU. Once the order leaves our warehouse, you will receive an email notifying you that the order has been accepted and is being shipped. Please note that Saturdays, Sundays and local community holidays may affect the delivery of orders. Planned delivery date of your order, depending on the day and time you place it.

You will be able to follow the status of your orders through the link that SEUR will send you by email once the package has been collected from our warehouses.

How will I receive my order?

When your order is delivered, you must check that everything is as requested. If there is any discrepancy or problem with the order, indicate it on the delivery note of the carrier, and you should contact blackOliv.es through our contact form at www.blackoliv.es/contacto or by e-mail at hola@blackoliv.es, leaving us your personal details and order number explaining the discrepancy or problem, and we will contact you as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

How much does it cost to receive my order?

The cost of the shipment will be indicated in the details of your purchase when accessing the cart.

What happens if I don't receive my order in the agreed time?

If, due to force majeure, it is impossible for us to deliver your order within the agreed time, the courier company will contact you to set a new date. Please contact us to resolve this issue through our contact form at www.blackoliv.es/contacto

What can I do if I will not be at the address I gave to receive my order?

In this case, contact SEUR on 902 10 10 10 (Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm, Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm) to give you an alternative address. If it is located within the same delivery area, there will be no additional cost. If it is not, you will have to pay the corresponding postage to the courier company.


Can I return my order? 

In accordance with the Law on the Regulation of Retail Trade and in accordance with Community legislation (Directive 97/7/EC), you have 7 days from receipt to return your order, provided that it is not a fresh or perishable product. In the case of household products, you can return the products within 15 days. We will not accept returns of products that do not come in their original packaging or with a broken seal, unless they are defective products.

When making the return, you must contact us at hola@blackoliv.es detailing the reason. Later, you must send the order to the address:

Aita Gotzon Kalea, 40 (Hall 4)

Pol. Ind. Igeltzera,,

48610 Urduliz , Bilbao (Spain)

We will make a check of the returned products to confirm that they arrive in optimal conditions before proceeding to the refund of the amounts, being the expenses of shipment nonrefundable. If your order has been sent to another person and they want to make a return, we will refund the amount in the same form of payment and account from which it was made. We will proceed to make the return within 30 calendar days of receiving the return order.

What can I do if I receive a wrong or defective order?

In this case, please contact us within 24 hours of receiving the order through our contact form www.blackoliv.es/contacto indicating the error or defect along with your personal data. We will proceed to make the return or replacement (if any) as soon as possible within 30 days after you receive our confirmation email.

The amounts paid for those products that are returned due to a defect or tare, when it actually exists, will be fully reimbursed in the same way as the payment was made, including the delivery costs that you have previously paid and the costs of sending the return. If the error is due to transport, or the packaging does not arrive in good condition, you must state this on the delivery note that the carrier will make you sign.