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Our history

Taste, quality and experience

gastronomy at your disposal

In the way it was offered to me, from the deepest affection of parents towards their children, with the aim of always offering the best of nature's products.

To share with the rest of the world this gastronomy through which, since childhood, I was taught to distinguish a good quality product, healthy and with exquisite taste.

Advised by the most specialized traditional food shops in Spain. With an emphasis on the quality of the traditional native products and the know-how of the professionals in the sector.

We want you to be a part of this Mediterranean culture. The company, full of flavours, supports traditional, sustainable and ethical Spanish production through an exclusive set of high quality products.

"There's nothing so evocative as cooking, with its smells and tastes to remind us of a person, a sunset, a morning market..."

Our commitment to you

At blackOliv.es we recognize the importance of tradition. For this reason, we have made a selection of some of the best products from Spanish cuisine for all those who enjoy and value good food.

To ensure that we are contributing to a better future, we rely completely on local trade and support the creation of a sustainable and ethical network.